Man from when to begin network of the way to keep in good health of _ of crowd of preserve one’s health of sexual consenescence _

Man from when to begin sexual consenescence, this also is the problem that is worth to discuss. Senile male penis erects the time with longer need and the direct and exciting amount that need to increase pair of genital. Penis of 60 years old of the following males erects intensity and ejaculation measure what have different rate normally to reduce. But, the individual difference of function force is very big, some 50 years old or 60 years old with respect to dead stop sexual life, and some still has very strong sexual desire 80 years old. Before paragraph time " southern on the weekend " still published a “ to kiss child the report of appraisal ” , say to among them an old person of 87 years old still has a son of 3 years old, this may be the old people that has better sex function.

Because spermary appears,the main reason of male sex ageing is fade travel sex change, as cause head, hypophysis, adrenal also can produce change with sexual function. The man is common from 50-60 after year old, as the growth of the age, qualitative cell can produce consenescence to reach gradually between spermary fade travel sex change, make the exudation of spermary ketone decreases in great quantities, the cubage of spermary also is reduced relatively, right now airframe organizes an organ each gradually ageing, sexual function also ebbs gradually. Spermary is contractible after 60 years old more apparent, already narrowed when 70 years old comparative 12 years old the spermary size of children. Visible, the function of spermary is having crucial effect to decline of male sex function.

Wu Jieping is in ” sexual medicine ” intermediary carry on: “ realises old people is right interest of sex of sexual idea, sex and function force respect are existing huge is individual difference is very important. This is true of course, if a person has better healthy state, sexual interest still is not decreased, and still have the word of the spouse with strong interest of one individual character, can be sure its sex interest and sexual ability can be maintained really so, 80 years old and even 90 years old of ” .

Visible, good fitness and the hale sexual function with good to maintaining body are very important. In addition, other element also cannot be ignored, wait to be affected possibly like society, psychology or destroy the sexual function of old people. Increase of old people ceaselessly as our country, the sexual function of old people can cause the attention of people necessarily, undertake science studies.

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