The deadline of smoke of male give up is net of the way to keep in good health of _ of crowd of preserve one’s health of 38 years old of _

Male smoke civilian “ is the latest ” begins smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline before 38 years old, because right now smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, his physiology state can restore to mix with 10 years or so probably the person that do not smoke the level of 1 appearance, if when after disease symptom appears smoke of again passive give up, damage viscera function restored hard.

The incident of sudden death of stalk of middleaged male heart is increasing, current, although our country did not undertake the epidemiology of large-scale sudden death is investigated, but in “ health of the United States person 2010” plans and " medicine is sociological " (the classical schoolbook of American medicine sociology, gram of author Williams division straps Mu) point out in 1 book, coronary heart disease has become the number one killer of the male of 39 years old of above.

Does the United States rest closely the scientist Louis with root state famous university? Weiluge investigates discovery, the kind that male woman place has a disease is same, difference basically depends on the frequency of sicken and the speed that death comes. (6-9 of drug-store net price loses privilege) the chief cause of death that coronary heart disease also is woman of 66 years old of above, get later than the male much.

This research of the United States applies to our country likewise as a result. “ of management of sanitation of capital medical university and pedagogic courtyard professor, Ministry of Public Health is public prohibit smoking Cui is small analysis says chief of ” of task of legislative preparation research, man looks very strong, but 1 dawn go to the bad dies very easily; And female flexibility is very strong, after sicken, “ disease is crooked crooked ” can live a lot of years all the same. (the drugstore on first lawful net of drug-store net whole nation! ) so, the male is “ Yi She bends ” not easily, the female is contrary. Maintaining the female’s more macrobian than the male natural protective screen is female hormone, female hormone has protective cardiac effect.

The female notices her health care quite, still assuming the sanitarian job of whole family. The male is bearing the double heavy burden of society and family socially, ignored of a lot of people is healthy. And many males are met see a doctor regard as 1 kind of weak performance, female instead see a doctor regard as the method that consumes form and mood drain.

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