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To the men and women after marriage, life of normal husband and wife is stimulative emotive activator, also be a kind of kind that makes bilateral mood cheerful, but some males however because cannot hold to too long and pained, lengthen sex time _ how to extend bang bang time? The male people perhaps think sex time became long just can have self-confidence more, also be not actually such, in light of the real case that wants him foundation. But should extend time, such OK taking exercise.

Lengthen sex time _ how to extend bang bang time

Of course, a little medium also senile husband and wife is right this be accustomed to sth, do not have the meaning of blame, the man also need not blame oneself, can arrange its nature. So how to extend time appropriately?

1. carries anus to carry anus to be able to increase the muscle strength of ham inside and genital, achieve the effect between overtime thereby, do 3 groups everyday, a group 50, slow and orderly, strong carry anus, no matter be to sitting, standing to be able to undertake, this motion still may have a lot of people is not to understand very much, try hard when defecate will come namely the sort of motion that hold back goes back.

Lengthen sex time _ how to extend bang bang time

2. plunges into equestrian cloth somebody to be able to have doubt more, can the pace that tie a horse increase sexual function time? Tell you clearly, can! ! Because bicrural muscle strength and intensity affect capacity issue directly, if you follow crus from ham very strong, your time won’t be less than 30 minutes absolutely, what common saying says is good, make great efforts to had drilled. Time is long certainly chairman

3. Much ran ran basically is experienced breath, discover to always be breathless in sexual life process, if your vital capacity is insufficient, calculate you to still can have very long period of time trashy also, because your meeting is suffocative come and stop, so breath also is a very important key, canter 1 hour in the morning, must not run to come quickly, experienced breath basically is slow, breath is even.

Lengthen sex time _ how to extend bang bang time

The above of state of mind that 4. has maintained is athletic type, so state of mind is having apparently significant one share in whole process, the disposition that problem of this time length follows a person and characteristics are very relative also, the person with impatient and disturbed strength is average too won’t long, static the person that is like shut-off of water can hold to very long period of time commonly, be sure to keep in mind not impatient in sexual life process, do not do not have confidence, want to believe oneself, measure is orderly, do not too too excited, had dominated oneself sentiment.

5. as far as possible Buddhist monastic discipline drops undesirable characteristics in daily life, a lot of smoking drink stay up late overnight person, the time of this kind of crowd is average shorter, a lot of people know function of smoke influence sex, excessive drink to also can harm genital, often stay up late, the body is couldn’t get restore, like to wear a few tight pants, the man wears tight pants what to resemble, the man that old old man has to wear a bit, if want to be able to have long battle, smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, drink appropriately, sleep early rise early, give you the space of genital official expanse, inevitable meeting has apparent change.

6. does sufficient foreplay both sides to there is the preparative job such as sufficient caress, hug, kiss before sexual intercourse, communicated feeling, although coital time is not long, also can make a person satisfactory.

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