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Article introduction

Men, in do not know how to stimulate feminine appetite you are washed out by the society, occasionally the woman is in affectionate when bashful not active, actually he likes you to kiss what place at this moment very much, these place can stimulate their sexual desire, passion is ignited quickly, next thing with respect to success will come when conditions are ripe, how to stimulate feminine appetite? These position that kiss a woman are very significant.

1, double lip

The target is put on her philtrum. This is the central area of her labrum, here also is called the place that energy has most on the body by Gu Xila’s person. With cranium connective main nerve is two below this surface layer of the dot. Bite here gently to be able to make the exudation of pituitary fluid. This kind of liquid is her namely excretive of the place when the climax is hormonal.

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