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Article introduction

The kiss is a when express the love between two people best method for the person to first love, and kissing to the men and women in be passionately in love is a warm up method that makes two feeling better, and begin to a the kiss is sexual life more for husband and wife, it is romantic beginning, of course the kiss between two people also has skill actually, mastered relevant skill only, ability lets the love between two people become more sweet.

Osculant skill

What skill should that and kiss notice? Is skill expression of the kiss in what respect? Actually the need in different place has the skill of different kiss, different kiss can represent different feeling, how to want to kiss in so daily life? What does the kiss have to pay attention to again?

Kiss and make love different, the kiss has a few notes, and the person that does not know is honest many. Besides opening when the kissBesides the eye, still have a few what other should notice. Some women, ground of arris of the arris when the kiss is standing, two tactics is rigid belowHang down, the model that her boy friend places in the window like the kiss is same, want, what flavor is the meeting in his heart?

You also should hold him in the arms, of course! How should the hand when the hug place buy and set without proclaimed in writing, for example his height andYou are about the same, you might as well gently cuddle wears two tactics his neck, for example his figure is taller than you a lot of, you two tacticsPlace in his backside, hold him in arms. The stupiddest kiss method, it is a drive up lip, next inflexible, be stupefied be stupefied the ground stands, such how does he kiss you?

Consider moral quality with the kiss

If when the boy friend of understanding walks, you always are recently,you go, maintain scoff at of the meeting when the distance of purpose in you you: Maintain scoff at of the meeting when the distance of purpose in you you:: You so be afraid of me, should lie between a driveway with me. ” when two people get along alone, he always leaves you very close, return in the handBelow the premise that did not pull, can wait for the ground urgently to divest your first kiss, and he is kissed very crudely, seem to want the tooth youTine sucks abdomen in. You feel you are an effeminate and helpless kid, the other side is the hungry wolf with an eye blue hair, Without tender feelings sweet meaning, be had only and doughty. Such kiss makes you disgusting, you are about to exhaust main ground pushs him, leave in anger. Later, how does he apologize again, how to explain again, you also do not change a mind, you should believe yourselfinstinctive. Such man normally special selfishness, he works to consider his sense only. To the woman he thinks to be asked for onlyTake, do not know appreciation; to know to enjoy only to caressing him however, do not know body to stick however. Such man is common character and morals is not tall.

How does the man like to kiss?

” the art that husband and wife gets along ” , ” make you 365 days good ” and ” encyclopedia of ** of husband and wife ” publish recentlyConcern those who improve love life of husband and wife ” dispel doubts propagandist ” book, what these books discussed thought of husband and wife to communicate is necessaryQuality, also spoke of ** skill, nevertheless, in these books however oversight in concern of a kind of spouse the most convenient the most interestingCommunicate means: Kiss.

Kiss, it is the men and women that love each other delivers them between cannot the means of the sincere feeling that character says, it is a kind of watch oral now go up but howeverCondensing the body language of intense ** information. Long, slow, thorough, enthusiastic kiss, no matter which kind of, canGive a person the shake regret with the heart and romantic sense.

According to investigation, the men and women that love each other longs to kiss without an other place. And to most male, they remember not onlyThey kiss the detail of lover, wife for the first time, they still hope sweet kiss accompanies the affection in them to be born all the time moreIn work. The openness with the sort of bilateral opposite body and mind when the man likes to kiss feels, but in osculant process, they also haveA few small ” abstain from ” . The kiss that knows the man has reviewed, it is the optimal way that close both sides concerns.

How to rely on Kiss to deliver you of affection of all the different kind to have feeling, dear intended. Abominable is everybody is willing disclose defeats that the layer is thin thinGauze paper, died urgently really person! Where is the love that how expresses you to that leatherhead goose? It is to rely on Kiss of course for! Do not think Kiss is very simple, the kiss has scratch the surface of, also have kiss of; of be deeply attached to each other exceedingly sentimental, also have intense emotion infinite.

And the kiss with real excellent skill must not be on body of the other side or dress write down ” come here to swim ” earmark, mostInvite opposite party ecstatically the kiss is instead ” be about to kiss stop again ” means! Learn way of below ripe in order to 5 kinds of kisses alive, The emotional advance rapidly that makes you certainly, step new level.

Above all we are specific discuss Frenchy kiss. France can say the birthplace that is a kiss. We often are in movie pictureTheir bizarre kiss craftsmanship sees on. Still stay in the times of black buildup in the film, in French film, with respect toAlready had the appearance that has much kiss very much. Believe everybody ever noticed, osculant means of the French and our experience somewhatDifferent. French type kiss can be divided roughly for ” kiss ” reach ” neck ” . The kiss fastens the kiss that points to as slight as the mouth contact. And neckAdd the puissant kiss of the hug namely.

One character is my, although we understand these act very much, but it is quite difficult however to should put into practice. When kissing roughly, with respect toIf dog and dog are mutual attrition bazoo is pointed, but the kisser that can do so and can make the body does not contact is very few however: OnceKiss, can start work pull close of each other body. Be if where manages,? Want hereIntroduce Frenchy neck skill to everybody:

Kiss of the type that blow air

Be about to the osculant way that breath plays to the other side. But according to meet with the friend’s view, discover this is one kind must have high skillKiss. A friend tells me; ” when if be in,the kiss achieves highest tide, air of not careful inbreathe, can make atmosphere brokenBad without involuntary discharge of urine. ” really, if carelessly, can produce risk. Originally we can fall in automatic status by nose

Induction air, if want to be blown by mouth color constrainedly, make the other side chokes probably and feel painful, because this must notice. In addition, drink, after smoking, had better not use method of this kind of kiss. Because right now once casual inbreathe air, Can infect the Yu flavour of the stink with intense alcohol and cigarette each other, cause her to reject to kiss with you again. A little maleThe gender has Jie to wear habit of close of wine intent girl, if at the beginning when want to use this kind of skill, can produce this to makeMuch question. ” then the individual loves to drink too, I think him to just be interested in my body just. ” base at the girlNatural, the meeting in their heart has this idea. That Mo, why should planting does moment just use this kind of skill? Kiss when two people

Very long period of time, when lip of if animal regurgitation is general ceaseless the other side of each other kiss, can alternate skill. Change character, it is to use this kind of skill namely right now, make its produce the optimal opportune moment of artful effect. Both sides of male and female arrives by gentle kiss embraceKiss, after passing a paragraph of a long time, lip of departure of in a way, touch once more next touch, gently mouth of breath inbreathe the other side in. You might as well try, can raise new move probably.

Screw type kiss

In extending the tongue girl mouth, the kiss that rotates ceaselessly. Perhaps somebody thinks of this law already, just master very hard howeverThis skill. When using this kind of method, cannot too optional rotate osculant the other side, must want as can mutual as the tongue of the girlMatch a stage, otherwise the kiss that she also can promise you again. Although her end meet with contracts tongue refus incurable disease, also can reject you likewiseKiss, because this must kiss with considerate, mild kind, this is recipe place.

Soul kiss

This is tongue development in mouth of the other side, reach the kiss way in throat even. When undertaking this kind of kiss, both sides of male and femaleMust magnify mouth just goes. But what must notice is, chin cannot part.

Absorb type kisses

This is to use strong absorb power, suck the osculant method of lip of the other side forcibly. If the labial mucous membrane of the girl is notConstant flimsy, can produce the Yu blood like beans resembling blood, because this must keep tender. Offer a piece of advice here all men, whenWhen you see expression of the other side becomes painful, must stop instantly, this ability earns the good impression of the girl.

Dental kiss

Treat a tooth like the dentist same, lick suck the other side with the tip of the tongue gingival. Must have skill very much nevertheless, resemble treating otherwiseCure periodontosis is general, your person feels sick, must try to notice.

Vacuum type kisses

The osculant means of ceaseless absorb the other side. The lip that law of this kind of kiss must consider the men and women is bilateral. Although the man is up hill and dale absorb, vacuum position cannot be assumed in abigail child mouth from beginning to end however, basically be by at the lip model problem be caused by. By the view of physicsIn light of the dot, girl mouth, the man is old combination, most benefit Wu Jin kisses this kind all right law. Its principle asGo up in alveolus clothe big top is general, create vacuum position very easily, and the atmosphere that makes kiss is rising. But ifWhen turning over, the girl is big mouth, how is case met? Want to make a person do not love very much only actually, this is like smalldandelion lid is spent in a big helianthus like going up, reach vacuum state far from possibly. Use so this kind is squareBefore type, must understand size of each other lip to decide to whether be used again first, such ability does not come to encounter difficulty at afoot.

It is a circumstance above all, if you are mixed,be firm begin have a love affair or should look for nobody or the person’s less place, youWith Mm affirmative metropolis feels embarrassed, recommend dim lamplight to fall, be like a cinema, the quiet place of the park, , the office(The office that is your person of course) in the home (the sofa of the sitting room, you do not want Kiss to want to go up to the bed, doLike mix Xx full-dress wait for hair) .

Basically be recommended here or be in the home, had better be to do not have someone else, put on one piece of Cai Qin and Baobida in Cd machine “Encounter ” (very lyric old song, absolutely not sentimental, the atmosphere with affection strong stiff desire can make you more devoted) or it is AaronOf Neville ” Warm Your Heart ” (rhythm is very good the) that has Zhang Youchi. If plus pure redWine (Ke Jiabing) perfect, when simple red wine enters the mouth, be to have a bit acid, stimulated your salivary secretory, thisAppearance you have sufficient moist when the kiss. And alcohol can make your passion bursts forth (triplet signs or feeling of getting drunk do not excessive is drunk) , forget the first time bashful, more sufficient perfect experience loves the taste of the kiss! Still have a bit need not I said, the homeIn? Ha! Oneself are comprehended!

If you had been an old couple, be inferior to nod stimulation, can be in person a little bit more place, be troubled by for exampleOn the street of city, in bazaar (actually in bazaar try the garment very pretty good) , in panorama lift, the key is do with sb unconscious, bold but cautious, get better closes!

Those who recommend is panorama lift, if be high speed (not be very fast actually) You Jia, rise when elevator high-speed when falling, You and Mm neck are surrounded in what dizziness one kind in, if cooperating to go up your kiss ability, can give you both sides for certain in the bodyHuge Yue is brought on the heart! Just appear on time bit shorter, for the Fans that likes French to grow a kiss to thoseNot quite good! Ha! Oneself hold! You can do remittent enjoyment! On time the kiss does not accept any restriction! But the consequence that had better want to consider a kiss! Above all you cannot too impatient, want to come slowly by measure, even like play basketball should rhythm feels (lean, connect basketballAlso pulled) , do not lick a tongue at random, graph a buccal water should come to an end, mm can be can angry!

The kiss of heart of the first pace

This pace is very simple, but because be the first pace so very important, the forehead that you want to kiss next Mm first with double lip (forbid chaosExtend a tongue, you become you is Jordan, the family is handsome then, be afraid to you even if declined) , let Mm feel he is most favourThe woman of blessing, this one kiss wants pour into you are right all Mm love, mm meets what the induction loves to yours.

Your hand is very natural it is the double shoulder that grabs Mm, if be the manner that the hand of first time Mm may become half volley with push, you areIs you can feeling an obstacle? Do not be afraid of! First without giving thought to it, wait for meeting Mm to be met very naturally is holding you in the arms, if Mm still is blockedMove next my meetings such as your call you to be in proper when take proper place!

Be in coming down is the cheek of Mm, control what want! Be chin next, you are OK at that time the lip gentlyShift began a lip to kiss to the lip of Mm! This kiss of crossed posture is the beatific idea that has extend the meaning, careful Mm was comprehended agreeCalm meeting is very happy, same her kiss also is met very devoted!

Lip of the 2nd pace is kissed

Labial kiss is light kiss, also make do a kiss, just as its name implies just began you and Mm to imprinting with the lip namely lip, you can use bazoo firstThe nose needle of needle and Mm is touched, the double lip that lets two people again contacts right-and-left attrition each other, gently extruding, the movement cannot passBig, want delay, want soft, want lingering! Those who hold breath is even, not hurried, not nervous arrive to breathe in the mouth! The hand still helps the double shoulder of Mm up! The double eye of you and Mm should be closed come well enjoy and daydream! (Do not see Mm, See those who what be less than at that time, it is good to had better close an eye to develop your touch develop your touch to acme namely)

Tongue of the 3rd pace is kissed

This ability is true kiss begins, in front can saying is a foreplay!

1, words battle

When you and Mm lip are kissed, because the lip still is drier, so you are met very naturally thinks of to come with the tongue moistOne, you think rightly! Think of to be done! You can be in the tongue the fluctuation lip of Mm wanders back and forth, reoccupy tongueThe needle plays the double lip that moves Mm, proper when the double lip that can use you clips the labrum of Mm or labium is sucked, reoccupy the tip of the tongue comesStimulate and tease, if Mm is glad that she is met with same means redound you, you still can come with the tooth nibble, want absolutelyHold strength, do not let Mm have the feeling that ache! The back after the hand of this moment can be touched from shoulder (bladebone is in) , the body that invites you and Mm is contacted completely, be likeThe hand of fruit Mm still is the pose of half volley with push, between the waist that you are about to take the both hands of Mm actively to you, annulus tackles your small of the back, Hold firmly the returns Mm back with oneself slow hand again Mm!

2, lick gum

Of the lip is the gum of front tooth further, you are OK go up continuously by the root ministry of gum with the tip of the tongue or next straight licking to crown, a bitUrticant, need not the stimulation when, do not suit commonly used, sensitive Mm can itch so that shrink back.

3, carry gnathic

As the schoolboy you want of course active ah! If you feel the opportunity matured, should open Mm completely that is small piece tineThe door, in the mouth that extends your tongue completely Mm, again of Mm palatine wander, by come greatly shallow pull Mm close (actuallyDo not have displacement, but Mm can feel with you confluence arrives one case) , arrive again palatine inside gum and front tooth inside! ThisMm also can make similar action at the same time when, but a bit difficult, the tongue cannot be controlled neatly moved (fool! You notAnswer around to move? ) a bit tired still!

4, have a verbal battle with

In the mouth tongue development Mm, want the tongue hassle with Mm of course! At that time the flexibility of the tongue veryImportant, you want the ceaseless tongue that uses tongue attrition Mm, make the nerve ending on your tongue sufficient get stimulating, the oral cavity of OK still and thorough Mm two side, lick by glossal root in side to the tip of the tongue, next the tip of the tongue is teased each other again, OK stillBelow the tongue that extends the tongue Mm, the left and right sides or around are teased, by tease after before for beautiful, can introduce the tongue of Mm you

the mouth is medium!

Right now hand can be arranged by back slip the waist of Mm (must not creak Mm, the) that otherwise Mm can be gone to by salivary choke, Touch the hip of Mm again, can stretch two tactics as far as possible on hip, after capturing, carry up, the movement does not want too big, Be tender! Must tender! That is your Mm, not be the enemy! If have,be clutch your, although creak, the watch gives me outer part, go to dead in whole, rectify me deadAccompany your ! (Have what double sex loves the tendency occasionally! Hahaha! Joking! Do not have Rpwt Di occasionally! Do not have Rpwt Di occasionally!!

5, suck a tongue

If the tongue of Mm was come over by your accost, or it is itself is entered came over, how should you do? (Do not want to tellI am blocked it is good to go back, I do not beat your Mm to be able to beat you) an An Zhi that comes already, of a war that brings already! That is used suck! When sucking, the flirtation that you want the agile tongue that applies you, tooth and lip to keep and the tongue that stimulate Mm, Wrapping a tooth to suck the tongue of Mm with the lip first, the tip of the tongue that uses oneself leaves a beautiful curve on the tongue of Mm, againWith the tip of the tongue of Mm of lay a finger on of the tip of the tongue, next in emphatically air suction opening, relapse so! Take in and send out in large quantities again between you are OK still appropriatelyRotational your head, can make the tongue of Mm gets you are caressed in the round so! Dental good is in tenderness when can bite the stimulation that strengthens pair of Mm tongues, but if Mm is afraid of painful do not want too

Exerted oneself to do sth. (the chaos that must not exert all his strength bites stretch, this can not be to eating pig tongue! )

Right now your hand can return a waist from the hip of Mm, touch humeral ministry from two costal region again, the double shoulder clavicle that captures Mm is in, If you are the head that use side OK office of two tactics branch, touch by place of the neck after Mm heart moving on the shoulder single-handed, another hand by the shoulderThe ministry has glide time to waist or buttock, can be in what bosom makes proper time to stay! (Want to saw Mm whether revolt)

The kiss always can let the feeling between the lover become more good, by its it is sexual life before if can undertake a few necessary kisses, to improving the sexual life quality of two people also be to be able to have very big assurance actually, because this loves people,the skill of exquisite dot kiss also is necessary exceedingly.

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