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We know, seafood is to should eat mostly fresh, it is to had tasted, 2 it is fresh safer. But, if how be to freeze abalone is done delicious? When making abalone, should get rid of fishy smell, defrost hind is put into boiling water to be boiled a little while, the boil in a covered pot over a slow fire in soup-stock is put again later, such making namely delicate do not break nutrition again. When making freezing abalone, must notice not to use hot water defrost, the solution in the water that puts normal temperature is best.

How is freezing abalone done delicious

One, how to make refrigerant abalone delicious

1. washs abalone clean, put boiling water syncopation to iron to dichotomy ripe, put cooking wine to divide fishy smell, fish out drop does moisture.

2. sits boiler ignition waits for oily heat, put ginger green garlic, rejoin sauce is fried sweet hind, ordinal put essence of cooking wine, chicken, salt, candy and pepper, rejoin soup-stock;

3. puts abalone into the stew inside soup a few minutes, after waiting for tasty, fill piece, starch and chopped green onion are joined inside juice of soup of a few of the rest inside boiler, drench go up in abalone can edible.

How is freezing abalone done delicious

2, how does refrigerant abalone eat

The first pace: Defrost

The optimal method that gives refrigerant abalone defrost is in putting its cold water, ground of let it have its swing is changed slowly. Remember, must not use hot water or Wen Shui, otherwise not bright.

The 2nd pace: Scrub

Good defrost abalone scrub is clean, leave housing and fleshy cent next, intestines take out does not want. Housing is abluent, the flesh is washed clean with fine salt rub, reoccupy clear water is rinsed clean.

The 3rd pace: Flap

The face that use a knife flaps in abalone meat two sides, make fleshy qualitative nature loose.

The 4th pace: Cook

The abalone that has handled adds the flavoring such as albumen, wine to mix after bloating, can be fried quickly or Bai Zhuo, mouthfeel is very pretty good. The simplest having a way is, ten minutes will be boiled to be able to eat with chicken broth small fire after abalone defrost.

How is freezing abalone done delicious

3, fry Bao Pian

Raw material: Abalone, green, ginger, dry chili, candy, unripe smoke.

Practice: Abalone section. Section hind is abluent, pass with boiled water, such practice is to fry when won’t give water. Have oily pot, ginger green chili, put abalone to fry next, put spice. Note time, abalone is easy old, receive juice to be able to have pot.

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