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This kind of alimental makes steamed chicken the method is simpler, it is OK to should put chicken should put chicken into clear water to be thoroughlied cook only edible, at that time value of chicken broth nutrition is highest, can use at joining Gan Sun or corn carrot feed material to have Bao boiling water, the soup bottom to steaming chicken should be so correct use. The need steam that lets us understand steamed chicken together now is much with respect to ability can edible, hope everybody is trying.

Steamed chicken wants evaporate how long

How is steamed chicken done have nutrition most

The practice of steamed chicken one

Raw material: Chicken 750 grams, rice 400 grams, bright lotus leaf 4 pieces, pig leaf lard 150 grams, green writtens guarantee 1, jiang Pian 5 grams, cassia bark 5 grams, anise 5 grams, lilac 2.5 grams, white sugar 25 grams, carry on wine 50 grams, soy 100 grams, xian Shang 100 grams, sesame oil 50 grams.

Practice measure:

1, become chicken chop 12, pig leaf lard cuts 12, put a bowl together inside, add macerate of wine of ginger, green, carry on, soy half hours. Lotus leaf is abluent cut contrast of covering of the fan in all 14, old muscle of take out the reverse side, put boiled water boiler to be ironed slightly, wipe moisture. Rice pan is clean.

2, on fire of the buy that fry pan, put rice, anise, clove, cassia bark to fry to golden lubricious Cheng Qi, choose cassia bark, anise, clove, grind thick ground rice, with riddle the sieve goes foreign matter.

3, put rice powder the bowl inside, agitate of the soup that add delicacy, soy, white sugar, sesame oil is become mushy, good macerate leaf lard of gallinaceous piece, pig is put into paste to mix divide evenly, put fill up those who have a piece of lotus leaf dish inside, on one piece of lotus leaf is built to go up again above basket steam comes 30 minutes crisp sodden get off.

4, 12 pieces of lotus leaf, rear Chao Shangping spreads chopping board, good evaporate chicken deuces go up in lotus leaf, the bag becomes a rectangle, arrange trimly in dish in, on basket evaporate is taken out 5 minutes, on sesame oil is become namely.

Steamed chicken wants evaporate how long

The practice of steamed chicken 2

With makings: Earthy chicken 1, a few of cooking wine a few, salt

1, earthy chicken is washed clean, wipe on salt and wine, souse half hours with. .

2, in enlarge bowl, go up bit of wine, put two ginger, boiler is steamed on, evaporate 20 minutes about the same.

3, after giving boiler, can move vinegar of a bowl of ginger condiment or other the condiment that oneself like, dip in chicken eats, of course, do not dip in any condiment, chicken is very delicious also.

4, the Shang Ke that evaporate comes out comes out with falling, the Zhu Sun that puts the hair that nod bubble or him and so on of green vegetables, flat pointed bamboo shoot like feed capable person, heat a bowl of small boiling water, add bit of salt slightly, other any condiment need not be put already very delicate.

Steamed chicken wants evaporate how long

How does steamed chicken do nutrition meeting prediction of a person’s luck in a given year

The size that the process that evaporate controls wants to see chicken and old tender will decide, evaporate is opened after 20 minutes look, if use a chopstick,had exposed easily gallinaceous body is main ripe. Wipe with liquor before evaporate chicken go up in gallinaceous body not only can go raw meat or fish and still can add sweet effect, but cannot excessive, can send suffering otherwise.

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