[practice of egg of sauce of the five spices] how is _ of flavour of _ the five spices done – net of people preserve one’s health

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A lot of people like delicious cate, and the odds that major person can have a meal outside is bigger. But often have a meal outside, bring about disease happening easily. Because,this is healthful reason, because material is impure,also be wait for a problem. What can affect people so is healthy. So if can oneself are made, the requirement that should meet contented home person. Egg of sauce of the five spices is a kind of cate, but what practice of egg of sauce of the five spices is?

Practice of egg of sauce of the five spices

Sauce egg

Material advocate makings: Egg 750 grams,

Condiment: Chili (red, pointed, work) 25 grams, cooking wine 20 grams, gourmet powder 2 grams, soy 70 overcome


1.Put the egg into boiler, the edge rolls an edge to boil, make yoke is located in in the center of;

2.After passing 7 minutes, come to egg fish out, knock broken chorion; gently

3.Put the egg that knocks broken chorion into burn boiler in, put soy next, cooking wine, gourmet powder, in low baking temperature above roll an edge to boil, boil soy water to was quickly stop, such fragrance are OK from break; goes in fully in seaming

4.Put the egg that has cooked cool hind gather up skin, the edge trysts to cut 4, put in dish on, silk of chili of intermediate Sa Shanggong. Photograph of small hang food overcomes:

Egg: Feed scathing taste; and rabbit meat, persimmon together together with goose bring about diarrhoea; to should not be at the same time feed together with soft-shelled turtle, carp, soya-bean milk, tea.

Practice of egg of sauce of the five spices

Egg of sauce of the five spices

Feed capable person advocate makings egg 13 complementary makings broth are right amount anise is right amount water is right amount salt is right amount measure

1.The egg turns on the water li

2.Put right amount salt to thoroughly cook

3.Put cold water li


5.The boiling water that is put into carbonado of dried bamboo shoots

6.Put anise, pour hot water

7.Put into the egg

8.Small fire stews 15 minutes slow can

Practice of egg of sauce of the five spices

Small stick person

If color can be added not greatly often smoke chromatically

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