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Article introduction

Corn and pea strictly speaking are our commissariat, and still have very big concern to human body health. A lot of people think corn and pea cannot be together in order to match, actually for the angle from healthy diet, corn and pea collocation are together exceedingly pretty good, taste not only first-rate, nutrient value and value of preserve one’s health are very high. So, what is the practice of corn bowl beans?

What does the practice of corn bowl beans have?

Pea and corn add in can make pea corn soup, pea and corn are a kind when belong to commissariat, also be to body health care the effect cultivates substance first-rately one kind, corn of this kind of pea can let the nutrition of soup produce best result with the word that will boil boiling water, a lot of people are in stew when like to join this pea corn inside, such soup also is not Chang Xiangmei.

Practice one

1. general corn is thoroughlied cook

The knife is used after 2. corn is a bit cool clingy root ministry cuts corn bead.

Hoosh of 3. pea, corn, corn a bag.

Clear water is put to be burned in 4. boiler, join pea, corn to be boiled again, put hoosh of a bag of corn to mix divide evenly can.

What does the practice of corn bowl beans have?

Practice 2

Oil is not put in boiler, heat, pea puts the simmer in water in boiler to fragile fragile, move next empty bowl li

To flay the corn of stripping and slicing arrives measure in 1 medium boiler

Decoct a few minutes, enter the pea that vegetable hoosh and decoct cross next, a few salt and peppery big baked wheaten cake leave, can expose with the chopstick till corn.

Join pea, boil 3 minutes again.

What does the practice of corn bowl beans have?

measure 4 break into pieces into beater.

Enter a bowl in, spread the pea with on a bit good decoct.

We introduced to use those who boil boiling water about pea and corn above all sorts of practices, pea and corn boil Shang Jishi is to follow at ordinary times soup kind the way is similar, without too great difficulty, everybody can finish soup of this pea corn according to the way that soup makes before oneself, in soup of corn of the pea that make when had better be to maintain alimental delicate, the kind that avoids to use acrimony stimulation to oneself will make.

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