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Article introduction

Pineapple is a kind of fruit that appears on the market in great quantities in the summer, the smell with pineapple acerbity sweet acid gets of a lot of dot and girl like. But pineapple calculates delicious also be unsuited eat more, because ate pineapple more,bring about suffer from excessive internal heat easily. Before believing a lot of people are eating pineapple bubble of metropolis general pineapple one bubble brine, because can let pineapple taste not acerbity so mouth, but some people do not have brine, when eating pineapple so not how is bubble brine met?

Pineapple not bubble brine is met how

One, pineapple need not briny bubble does not have an influence

Although the pineapple of trashy brine bubble stimulates composition mediumly,compare much, but human body has certain ego resistance capacity, the problem of a few edible is not very great, and the pineapple with some taller maturity, the part that contains exciter is very few, basically won’t cause very big harm effect to human body, accordingly, the pineapple that does not have bubble brine occasionally is OK still of edible.

Pineapple not bubble brine is met how

2, the account that pineapple uses briny bubble

1, avoid allergy reaction

After one part person ate pineapple, possible meeting produces a few allergic reaction, they are controlled 15 minutes after eating pineapple to 1 hour urgent come on suddenly, bellyacke appears in the meantime, diarrhoea, vomiting perhaps has a headache, dazed, skin is wet scratchy, limb still has red, whole body the problem such as talking around pins and needles, still a few people may appear badly a series of more serious hypersensitive condition such as shock.

Brine can be destroyed ” pineapple protein is enzymatic ” send quick structure, make its lose the noxiousness to individual constitution person. Accordingly, when eating pineapple, but first peel expurgation, divide peel, dissection next in be being put in brine, immerse, the accident that can reduce pineapple protein enzymatic allergy so happens.

Pineapple not bubble brine is met how

2, make smell sweeter

Pineapple had better be to immerse half hour left and right sides, can prevent the happening of allergic incident so, and still can decompose a few organic acid inside pineapple inside brine. Make the flavour of pineapple appears sweeter. In addition, oxalic acid still is contained in pineapple, the absorption of meeting influence human body to calcic, iron, immerse to also can counteract its acidity with salt, reduce the likelihood harm to the body.

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