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Article introduction

Pork liver is a kind of common pig is splanchnic, pork liver flavour is delicious, nutrient value is exceedingly good also, the practice of pork liver also is more, for example can make it onion mixes pork liver, this is dish of a kind of cold and dressed with sause, join onion to be able to make taste more delicious, the way is exceedingly simple also, eat a few pork liver to have the very good effect that enrich the blood at ordinary times, it is god of a kind of filling iron implement, we will know the way of pork liver of cold and dressed with sause.

Onion mixes pork liver

Onion mixes pork liver

Material: Delicacy of onion, pork liver, vegetable oil, salt, pepper, sweet vinegar, flavour pole, chopped green onion


1.Boil good pork liver section.

2.Onion cuts into shreds.

Onion mixes pork liver

3.Salt of two small spoon is put in empty bowl, half spoon sweet vinegar, half spoon taste is extremely little, pepper of one small spoon, chopped green onion.

4.The heat inside boiler is oily, irrigate the oil that burns in empty bowl condiment.

5.Pour the makings juice of mix up into pork liver and onion silk, mix divide evenly can.

The nutrient value of pork liver

The nurture such as A of rich iron, vitamin, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, zinc is contained to pledge inside pork liver, and photograph comparing pork, beef, egg, milk, Xi La is spent and the food of congener tall nutrition such as carrot is told, the be far ahead on the content that pork liver pledges in afore-mentioned nurture.

We know pork liver is ” filling iron god implement ” , in pork liver of every 100 grams on iron content the quantity that contain iron achieved 22.6 ㎎, it is porky about 20 times, of beef 7 times, 10 times of the egg, also because such, be in commonly the baby is added complementary when feeding, pork liver is the first selection food that prevents the child to be short of iron sex anaemia.

Onion mixes pork liver

Note of pork liver edible

(1) cannot eat too much: Adult everyday control of need of pork liver intake is in 50 grams less than, the infant needs control to be in 5 grams less than.

(2) notices to clean clean: Pork liver regards metabolization as the organ, there is harmful material remain inside, because this is being burned,otherwise breaks the ground to immerse with clear water, one have hematic water to change water, best inside add a lemon, until till without blood leach goes out. Put into boiled water to boil 2 minutes next, until do not have hematic silk completely.

(3) pork liver wants squashy: When burning the pork liver that boil, must squashy become dust-colour to just eat, enter harmful bacteria with preventing to eat.

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