Baby food contains the world of cate of aluminous food _ 7 kinds this carefully

Baby food contains aluminous food 7 kinds this carefully

2016-02-18 17:47:04

Guide language: A lot of food in the life contain aluminium, although aluminium won’t bring about virulent poisoning, but after human body is absorbed only 10% ~ 15% outside can evacuating put oneself in another’s position, major conference is inside body save up, with a variety of protein, enzymatic body waiting for a person important part is united in wedlock, affect a variety of biochemistry reaction inside body, research shows photograph initiate for a long time to injure brain, affect children intelligence growth, return likelihood occurrence anaemia, bring about children stunt, especially weaker to body strength children harm is greater. A few kinds introduce to contain the food with more aluminium below, parents are OK and proper avoid.

1, jellyfish

Jellyfish of cold and dressed with sause is a very common summer cold dish, but jellyfish needs to join in machining a process aluminous, be called commonly ” 3 vitriol 2 water ” craft, percentage is right aluminous also the taste that can better land assures a product, but too much aluminous meeting causes aluminous remain exorbitant, the product of 2 vitriol jellyfish that meeting general did not handle a little undesirable businessman completely regards finished product as the sale.

2, deep-fried twisted dough sticks

Deep-fried twisted dough sticks is the traditional food of our country, put when scamper deep-fried twisted dough sticks aluminous it is to let what deep-fried twisted dough sticks expands better, taste crisp, but also bring about contain aluminium overmuch, adverse to health, do not suggest consequently children edible. Although a lot of pedlar allege nowadays,did not add aluminous, but if expand,compare big deep-fried twisted dough sticks only, contain likely aluminous.

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