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Darling get angry how to do? Small make up come over to raise enrol!

2016-10-21 13:28:17

Autumnal weather is dry, darling easy get angry, darling once suffer from excessive internal heat, begin to appear not to love the circumstance that have a meal, how does darling get angry do? Not urgent, below small make up will raise action, we look how to should fall to darling together fire!

How should be darling get angry recuperated?

1, feed of choice mother milk: The mother had better offer lacteal raise after baby is born and assure sufficient mother milk capacity, because mother milk is infantile optimal food, because be contained in mother milk low get together the concentration of candy is very high, amount to 8-12g/ to rise or more, its sort is amounted to 130 a variety of, especially low get together half lactose content is most, it is low next get together fructose, they with the formal consist in of candy of short cable length bowel in, what can raise beneficial bacterium quickly in alvine path is progenitive, won’t let darling get angry.

2, notice diet: At ordinary times we also should notice more to the food of darling a few, if eat some of clear fire vegetable more, be like Chinese cabbage, celery, asparagus lettuce, aubergine, etc. Want the food that acrimony, fat, high fever measures avoid, should notice to eat less to darling green Chinese onion, chili, peppery wait for hot food; The flesh kind, chocolate and deepfry kind wait for the food with fast quantity of heat. When making food we can notice nutrition is tie-in, to darling it is kill two birds with one stone more. At the same time, still can do and so on of soup of a few reduce internal heat, e.g. gram soup, this is we are most common, still be like medlar of soup of a round mass of food of water chest nut, red jujube tangerine skin soup. Original get angry when darling people with respect to inappetence, or food is difficult, come in dietary respect so our darling won’t lack nutrition because of suffer from excessive internal heat. Fruit not only contain rich nutrition and can help aid digestion, make the child regularly much eat a fruit, answer especially the fruit of season sex is to be helpful for baby growing development. We still can use the fruit salad with fruit delicate make it to attract the child to eat.

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