Notice this at 8 o’clock the world of cate of _ of darling have a good appetite

Notice this at 8 o’clock darling have a good appetite

2017-02-24 09:16:20

Darling appetite is poor, a lot of mom do not know how to should be answered, did the meal of various pattern, darling looks not to glance repeatedly, is this why? We introduce the method of appetite of a few stimulative darling below, the hope can bring a help to all children that do not love to have a meal!

1. darling is mostly ” disposition go-between ” , when darling does not have a meal well ten million cannot rebuke.

Want to know, give darling nurturance a good convention, should give them a good environment first. So, we should give darling a warmth have a meal cozily environment, do not force the child, do not give them pressure!

If because darling does not have a meal well and the parent rebukes they, so, darling can not be willing to have a meal more, although ate, also be as chewing candle, not only insipidity still affects alimentation.

And force the child to have a meal to be caused easily indigestion feed, vomit next;

2. alimental appearance, can affect the appetite of darling

A lot of darling do not love to eat green vegetables, so we can wrap green vegetables chop dumpling, or the appearance evaporate of the mice with lovely make it or small bunny eats to them.

3. alimental property, to the influence of darling intestines and stomach

This seasonal weather is dry, darling is very easy suffer from excessive internal heat, some parents can have persimmon to darling, grapefruit clear fire, little imagine, these east east the gender is cold, eat much can cool stomach, darling intestines and stomach is inferior to the adamancy like adult, cause diarrhoea easily, bring about darling inappetence thereby.

Still appetizing candy fries chestnut, the child loves to eat of all kinds nut, but these things are oily heavy, eat much meeting stomach bilges, if the stomach bilged, does darling where still have gastric impediment staple food?

4. moves more, can appetitive, promote absorb

The baby with little to appetite 5. , reject snacks

If darling appetite is small, stop all snacks, all belts olfactory water stops. (All sorts of belts olfactory water spoils his appetite)

Especially anteprandial inside a hour, cannot take any sock to darling.

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