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How doesn’t darling love to eat vegetable to do?

2017-02-20 17:47:12

Make vegetable according to darling age

Darling is 1 year old ago, mom can try to make the vegetable mud of different sort and vegetable juice, waited for darling to be used to resumptive attempt to give the vegetable that eats chop, in putting congee, noodle, feed feed, the masticatory deglutition that exercises darling and digest absorb ability.

Will vegetable make it brings stuffing food

The food having stuffing such as dumpling, steamed stuffed bun tastes delicious, nutrition is comprehensive, mom can put a few kinds of vegetable more in stuffing, for example rutabaga, Chinese cabbage, Xianggu mushroom, also can wait for fennel, carrot, leek the vegetable with a little strange flavour to join stuffing in, let darling suit slowly.

Emerald steamed dumpling

Make meal becomes multicoloured

Mom can wait for carrot, tomato, spinach dozen of knead dough that become juice, noodle of make it color, bright-coloured color can increase the appetite of darling. Also can mix lean lean of carrot, section the collocation such as green pepper breaks up together fry, the colour of profusion can cause the appetite of darling.

Absorb potato more kind with thick food grains other than wheat and rice

Darling is not willing to eat vegetable, easy vitamin C and prandial fiber are lacked. Accordingly, mother can have bit of potato, pachyrhizus, corn, oaten, unpolished rice to wait more to darling, what compensatory vegetable takes less is insufficient.

Will answer according to darling taste

Do not like to have ripe vegetable baby, can eat the vegetable such as turnip of a few tomato, water, cucumber appropriately, eat raw or cold and dressed with sause is OK. Piquancy, bitter vegetable need not importune darling to eat.

salad of health of vegetable make it

Mix in vegetable vinegar of ginger, soy, rice, cooking wine and sesame-seed oil, make vegetable salad, commutation taste, darling perhaps can like.

Will decorate cooked food with vegetable

Bit of tomato is added in dish of a few pork piece or lettuce serves as an ornament, also can add the special flavor of fleshy dish, mom can pretend and darling is grabbed eat a few that only tomato or lettuce.

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