Dietotherapy of gastroptosis traditional Chinese medical science the world of 20 _ cate

Dietotherapy of gastroptosis traditional Chinese medical science 20

2012-02-07 14:12:22

(Congee of 1) sheep bone: Take a sheep spinal 1, dolly, with clear water decoction of 2500 milliliter slow fire makes an appointment with 60 minutes, go bone, enter rice 200 grams, in all congee of cook over a slow fire, can drink add very light blue to thoroughly cook take feed. Every morning is hollow take. The person that apply to body empty, gastroptosis, inappetence.

Dietotherapy of gastroptosis traditional Chinese medical science 20

(Wonton of 2) meat stuffing: Take tender fat hotpot and yellow mother chicken each 200 grams, behead is mud, add ginger end 15 grams, divide evenly of each right amount agitate is salt, yellow rice or millet wine stuffing, chamfer pink is right amount by constant law the bag is wonton, every morning is hollow take. The person that heat is filled inside is banned with.

(3) rabbit meat stews yam: Flesh extraction hare 100 grams, abluent, stripping and slicing, enter a bowl inside, drink add salt, yellow rice or millet wine, Jiang Mo, rejoin yam pink 30 grams, water is lain between to stew after entering drawer ripe become namely. Apply to the person that the heat inside gastroptosis is filled.

(4) walnut stews silkworm kidney: Take walnutmeat 100-150 gram and slightly parched silkworm kidney 50 grams, in all inside buy bowl, enter drawer, lie between water to stew ripe take. Astringent of be good at stomach has fine effect.

(5) takes gules sweet potato 200 grams are abluent section, install after the evaporate that enter drawer is ripe dish, take one pot additionally, put a few clear water to burn boil, white sugar and ketchup are joined after each are right amount. Irrigate after boil again in sweet potato piece go up to be become namely. Cent is taken suddenly feed. Comfortable at gastroptosis body empty lack of power person. Hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is much person unfavorable.

(6) ginseng stews pig hoof: The hoof after taking a pig 1, blow wash clean, with ginseng 15 grams, green, Jiang Ge right amount, clear water 1000 milliliter in all person of buy arenaceous register, cook over a slow fire of medium baking temperature comes know sth thoroughly hind, flavor take feed.

(Congee of 7) chicken liver: Liver of chicken of black extraction hero 1, ginger end a few, rice 50 grams, it is stiff congee in all by constant law. Day is taken 1 times, hollow take. Can fill lienal raise life of muscle of liver, beneficial.

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