The world of cate of nutrient value _ of arrowhead

The nutrient value of arrowhead

2012-02-07 14:22:52

The nutrient value of arrowhead

Arrowhead – introduce

Arrowhead, call scissors grass, swallow end grass, greens egg again, belong to division of lustre have diarrhoea, it is a kind of vivacious herb. In even the city already is cultivate more than 100 years even the city history, there is rank grass stay of proceedings in county annals, namely arrowhead also, flavour pleasant and take suffering and arrowhead, common calls greens the account of egg. Arrowhead is one of main special local product that connect a city, its advocate the Li Peng that produces divisional cloth to be pressed down in lotus peak, city on the west, the village such as Chi Ling and Song Yang, mu produce can amount to hoisting jack left and right sides, tall can amount to 1500 jins, every year hundred thousands of jins appear on the market. Arrowhead fructification is yellow white or green white bulb, the appearance shows long circle, there is corpulent terminal bud on, skin has cricoid red-letter day, the daffodil south similar Fujian is planted. Arrowhead contains a lot ofB of amylaceous, protein, saccharide, inorganic salt, vitamin, C and trypsin to wait for a variety of nutrition component. Arrowhead and pork (or pig large intestine) , the collocation such as bean curd of garlic, deepfry, can machine flesh of arrowhead braise in soy sauce, bonze to wear cap, arrowhead piece fry the crisp sweet delicate beautiful such as lean lean to look, it is one of dish of the name that connect a city on banquet. In addition, still can make arrowhead noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch, have higher economic value. Arrowhead can make vegetable not only, and still have officinal function, bright arrowhead is mincing, add right amount rock candy and soya-bean oil decoction, face what medicable tuberculosis takes to cause before sleeping to cough blood. Additional, arrowhead pound and ginger juice smooth, coating is in at skin gall, have diminish inflammation, remove swollen, acetanilide effect.

Arrowhead – nutrient analysis  

Arrowhead contains meadow saffron alkaline wait for a variety of alkaloid, have prevent cancer to fight cancer action of carbuncle of swollen, alexipharmic disappear, commonly used will prevent and cure tumor. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, arrowhead advocate solve 100 poison, can alexipharmic detumescence, diuresis, use treatment all sorts of anonymous swollen poison, poisonous snakebite. Arrowhead contains a variety of microelement, have certain strong heart effect, the water that at the same time arrowhead place contains divides etc active ingredient, have clear lung to come loose the action that lung of hot, embellish relieves a cough.

Arrowhead – edible attention

Food photograph is overcome

Horsebean is unfavorable feed together with river snail.


Ginger: Bright arrowhead pound, join divide evenly of ginger juice agitate, apply affected part, one day is changed twice, treat the skin red heat is painful, anonymous swollen poison.

Honey: Evaporate of arrowhead, honey is ripe take feed, have embellish lung to relieve a cough, clear stomach removes hot effect. Apply to what the urticant, person that spit blood feeds lobar dry dry cough, pharynx.

Pork chop bone: Bone of arrowhead, pork chop stews the edible that boil, have effect of strong heart diuresis, appropriate at function of flustered heart-throb, heart the disease such as not complete oedema.


Unfavorable feed more, feed the morbid in sending alvine wind anal fistula, shoot more, make person retch, caustic tooth, break color, flesh is dry wait; Pregnant woman careful feed.

Erythromycin and contain calcic, phosphor, magnesium to measure much food look to overcome, when taking erythromycin accordingly, unfavorable at the same time edible arrowhead.

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