The _ of practice of the daily life of a family that how the broken bits of practice _ delicate bean curd of broken bits of delicate bean curd does broken bits of _ delicate bean curd should think of smoke [heart cookbook]

Brief introduction
Characteristic: Faint scent is dainty. Small stick person: Bean curd is the high grade food of diabetic person. Its nutrition is rich, contain a variety of protein, a few adipose with carbohydrate.


Bean curd broken bits250 grams, Potherb mustard, Winter bamboo shootsEach 50 grams, Steaky pork150 grams, Ham, Peanut oil, salt, gourmet powder, Pepper sauce, PepperyPink, Bone soupEach are right amount


1, potherb mustard abluent cut end, steaky pork cuts man, winter bamboo shoots, ham cuts end.

2, the oiling inside boiler burns heat, into diced meat stir-fry before stewing is fried below, soup of bone of broken bits of end of the end that add green, potherb mustard end, winter bamboo shoots, salt, bean curd, gourmet powder, pepper, a few, the tasty that boil.

3, outfit giving boiler dish, irrigate on pepper sauce, sprinkle dust of leg of suffer from excessive internal heat can.

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