The Yu Mi of _ of practice of the daily life of a family that the chicken of egg of practice _ skin that leather egg chicken coils coils how to do chicken of _ skin egg to coil is soft [heart cookbook]

Brief introduction
I am person of new rural area, this is to be in my home there be familiar with the dish that sees in inn, deserve to go up the sesame seed cake of Niu Zhongxi of special local product of new rural area, it is a sweet drop really! Regrettablly my qualifications and record of service still owes research not to give way of Niu Zhongxi sesame seed cake, or I also was sent! Small when, the metropolis in on holidays home is bought eat, child of my anxiously often feel insufficient to eat. Really pitiful! Now, groan! Express too of be bored with oh. Come Luoyang is so old also had not seen, yearn for especially, bout was done with respect to oneself after buying oven, very simple, but oneself entertains guests be being placed is however when the desk very a food that gives prize. I remember me eating banana for the first time piece who gives, the first when everybody remembers him world that be called by him is delicate the bag giving birth to decoct like is I take what she goes eating… the guest that hoped to take this course also can say to you: The egg roll of skin of the first drumstick of my life is the A that in you the home eats! (do not say you also want to forcing he says! ) if you had eaten, also do not say me, I two had not eaten what really rare, but do very seriously oh.


Drumstick flesh, commonly used condiment, Leather egg, Xianggu mushroomRice


1. drumstick flesh goes bone family expenses is common condiment souse, taste is optional. (the drumstick that I buy is a bit small the proposal buys big drop, not expensive also) ;

2. wraps leather egg (certain try to win sb’s favor nods leather egg this bit very crucial) ;

What I use 3. is to be baked, did tinfoil to wrap rise finalize the design (of usable also evaporate, mouthfeel may be not quite same, microwave oven is OK also, the defect makings inside also can be changed, follow your be fond of, the Xianggu mushroom rice that wraps inside some is waited a moment etc) ;

4. finalizes the design after been take an examination of, went tinfoil was taken an examination of a little while again become angry.

Small hang

Hot cool delicious, although I won’t make sesame seed cake, but I can coil cake eats

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