The _ of practice of the daily life of a family that how the descend to the world of practice _ small fairy of small fairy descend to the world makes descend to the world of _ small fairy every day nutrition [heart cookbook]

Brief introduction
Because small tomato, small cucumber is the fruit greengrocery that can eat raw, want chicken Dingyou to fry curry tasty only so, put again fry slightly can.


Chicken is fourth200 fair grams, Small tomato250 fair grams, Small cucumber1, 1. Curry1 1/2 big spoon, Mashed garlic2 small spoon, candy 1/3 big spoon, salt 1 small spoon, 2. Salt is right amount, oily 1/3 big spoon, Too whitening1/3 big spoon, candy 2 small spoon


(After abluent drop does 1) general tomato and small cucumber, had cut respectively reserve.

(2) chicken is abluent cut Ding Zhuang, flavoring 2 join agitate even, souse reserves 10 minutes.

(3) burns boiler heat, put a few oil, chicken Ding Lue is fried to half ripe hind, put mashed garlic to explode sweet, put curry again after frying divide evenly, put small tomato, small cucumber piece, candy, salt break up fry to boiler can rise to be filled after the flesh is ripe dish in.

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