7 often take the world of cate of _ of the vegetable contraindication that hurt a body greatly

7 often eat the vegetable contraindication that hurt a body greatly

2012-02-07 12:03:25

WorldWhat yin and yang of contain of everythings on earth runs paralell between is mensurable, have black with white, the United States and ugly, sweet with smelly, also be to be had at the same time in food losing two sides, after all the world everythings on earth is done not have 100 percent perfect, so we should take the heart of a few beware of to vegetable, besides can outside preserve one’s health of allay one’s hunger, whether accumulate the contraindication that what meeting contains to hurt a body? We should first if point to a palm; Just can know an avoid next, in the  that eat three square meals a day, can safe and sound, defend health.

The first avoid — day lily

First bubble is thoroughlied cook two hours take food.

Fresh day lily, because contain ” narcissus alkaline toxin ” , unripe feed can cause bellyacke, diarrhoea… wait for hypersensitive shape, reason must first bubble water two hours, next reoccupy conflagration is boiled can take food to squashy ability, fry slightly at will eat, cause allergy very easily.

The dry day lily of bright-coloured gold yellow, fear having sulfureous treatment, the meeting after feeding causes bromatoxism, reason always does day lily best can use bubble of warm boiled water 30 minutes first, the quick-boil in reentry boiling water irons 1 minute, after filter works, boil all right again feed, safer.

The 2nd avoid — aubergine

The person that period reachs taste Xu Han does not eat.

Aubergine sex is cool slip, taste Xu Han is unfavorable eat more, woman period around also should eat less as far as possible, after ripe aubergine is fed, often meet too toxic, cannot take food. Aubergine contains the part that causes allergy, eat more can make person nerve astatic, allergic constitution person should keep away from not to eat. Allergic constitution person should keep away from not to eat.. Cate ChinaCate China

The 3rd avoid — taro

The person that have phlegmy, allergic constitution is unfavorable.

The mucus of taro can stimulate guttural mucous membrane, the likelihood makes cough aggravate and unripe phlegmy more, so cough has phlegmy person unfavorable eat.

The 4th avoid — leek

The gender does not eat after tepid wine.

Leek belongs to tepid sex, overeat will be magical faint dazzled, wine hind cannot eat especially.

Have agnail of wind heat cold, get angry, hives, tuberculosis, constipation, pile… wait disease a moment to suffer from, unfavorable take food.

The fiber of leek is especially thick, the person that have enteron disease or indigestion, cannot eat too much, meet otherwise abdominal distension and sad.

The 5th avoid — spinach

Avoid to be fed together with fast calcic food.

Spinach contains more grass, after be being fed very easily together with fast calcic food, form careless  calcium to cause stone, reason spinach should avoid to contact bean curd, black sesame seed, yoghurt… etc contain the food with faster calcium, not be in feed or eat at the same time inside close time, already had calculous person especially, best escape does not eat.

The 6th avoid — Bai Luo

The patient such as chronic gastritis should avoid feed.

Natural disposition of white trailing plants is cold cool, taste empty is cold person, stomach and duodenum ulcer, chronic gastritis, pure strumous… wait for a patient to all should not be much feed. Bai Luo can affect the medical effect of Chinese traditional medicine, eat especially contain ginseng, the tuber of multiflower knotweed, glutinous rehmannia… when waiting for Chinese traditional medicine, should avoid feed Bai Luo.

The 7th avoid — yam

Tumour of department of gynaecology person unfavorable eat again.

Yam has convergent effect, the person that constipation or defecate are not arranged cannot eat, otherwise constipation will be more serious.

Yam eats meeting stimulative human body to secrete He Ermeng more, beneficial to average person, but tumour of department of gynaecology (include uterus, ovarian, breast) person, and the person that the male photographs the tumour that protect gland all shoulds not be take food, meet otherwise abet tumour.

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