Early in the morning should choose the world of cate of tepid food _ the first times

Early in the morning should choose tepid food the first times

2012-02-07 12:08:12

VeryMuch person likes to drink vegetable juice after early morning awakes, reason is to absorb the direct nutrition in vegetable juice to reach clear the trash inside body, but such practice however oversight a the most important key, that likes tepid environment inside human body namely. Doctor Hua Li of hospital of Dongguan city people says, the body is warm, it is normal that small loop just is met, so early in the morning rises the first food had better choose tepid.

Hua Li introduces, look from angle of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, having breakfast is unfavorable drink sweetened bean taste of fruit juice of coffee of vegetable juice, ice, ice, ice first, and should eat heat to feed. In the morning when, nightly shade gas was not divided, earth temperature has not pick up, the muscle inside body, nerve and blood-vessel still present contractive position, if you are in this moment,eat and drink frozen food, sure make each systems inside body more contracture, blood is current more not suitable. Sure make each systems inside body more contracture, blood is current more not suitable.. Cate ChinaCate China

Just perhaps began to eat and drink when putting content of cold drinks and snacks on the ice, you do not feel what gastric bowel has uncomfortable, but day one long or the age grows gradually, the function that intestines and stomach absorbs nutrition gets block up, appear to often eat to grow not strongly however, or it is defecate often rare rare, or it is skin worse and worse, catch a cold constantly, indisposition is ceaseless, this hurt a stomach to enrage namely, hurt the resistance of the body.

Accordingly in the morning the first food, should be to enjoy the hot congee, hot oatmeal, breast that heat up a sheep, hot beans flower, hot soya-bean milk and sesame seed paste, deserving to eat vegetable, biscuit, sandwich, fruit again. Hua Li is special remind, breakfast had better not choose milk, cause easily give birth to allergy of phlegmy, generation, the person that because this milk fits the person with tracheal, intestines and stomach, poor skin not quite,reachs damp place is drinkable.

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