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Ginger is put in tea wine officinal value is high

2012-02-07 12:16:36

A lot of food of England matter with ginger, have biscuit of juice of ginger flavour biscuit, ginger, still have ginger juice beer, Jiang Zhicha, and the render palatable condiment that makes with pure ginger juice. There also is ginger to sell directly on British market.

Ginger flavour beer is the beverage of traditional ginger flavour that the Englishman invents. Say strictly, ginger flavour beer cannot say is wine, add ginger to the soft drinks of the make it in soda fruit juice however.

A lot of Englishmans like ginger flavour beer, because of spirituosity of its both neither, can give a person the mouthfeel of beer again, and life-giving wake head. Accordingly, ginger flavour beer is sold extensively in the market not only, and a lot of other peoples return him wine to make. Prevailing practice takes liquor of a bright ginger namely, join a lemon next, add honey or brown sugar again, the water with right amount add is OK.

Jiang Chaye is the beverage that the Englishman likes, the Jiang Shang that treats a cold with the Chinese is about the same.

Ginger tea way of England is very simple, a Xian Jiang is put when wanting make tea only, add candy boil in a covered pot over a slow fire on more than 10 minutes next, ginger tea has been done.

Ginger gets the reception to the Englishman, because taste of ginger flavour food is distinctive,be not only, because the officinal value of ginger has been English place,still understand. Be in England, remedial woman gestation is used on tradition of ginger flavour food morning is spat, reduce cold symptom to wait.

Before before long, british scholar considers to discover, the element that fights oxidation is contained a lot ofin the composition of ginger, can adjust digestion effectively, reduce food and drink the diarrhoea symptom of undeserved generation. Still research makes clear, a few composition of ginger still can make blood-vessel and liver little absorb cholesterol, the help enhances heart function, assist disease of heart and vessels of remedial coronal shape. Besides, from the elite element that Jiang Zhong extracts, still can be used to obstacle of remedial migraine, action and arthritis.

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