Take the world of cate of _ of 8 big reason of beef surely everyday

Have the 8 big reason of beef surely everyday

2012-02-07 12:18:37

Be good atThe recent controversy in beautiful dietetics is mixed around food of move low carbon replace chicken, cruelly oppress with beef these two topics undertake. Beef again by honour the most important one part in planning to grow muscle food. Arnaud Shiwaxinge and Frank · Columbus hear this alleged ” newest progress ” when regular meeting feels cannot help laughing, because they are early from on the century already began to serve as beefsteak since 70 time advocate eat — this antedates far scientific test is right of the following experience confirm: Want effects is best, daily there is one 5 times to arrive twice at least in food beef.

It is the account that includes daily and strong and handsome food beef below:

1, beef contains a lot ofmethyl aminoacetic acid, it is right growth muscle, enhance power particularly effective.

2, beef contains vitamin B6, can enhance immune power, promote protein metabolism and synthesis, conduce to what insecurity trains body of the back of a person restoring thereby.

3, beef contains fleshy toxin alkaline, basically use at supporting adipose metabolism, generation pays chain amino acid, it is pair of body building member a kind of of main effect amino acid since growth muscle.

4, beef contains potassium and protein, stimulative sarcous grows.

5, the low adipose origin that beef is linoleic acid, OK and effective antagonism organizes injury. Linoleic acid still can maintain muscle piece as antioxidant.

6, beef contains zinc, magnesium, stimulative muscle grows, enhance muscle power, enhance immune system, improve the efficiency with anabolic insulin.

7, beef contains iron, it is hematopoiesis those who need is mineral. What form contrast with the has pity on less iron content in chicken, fish, turkey is, iron is contained a lot ofto pledge in beef.

8, beef contains third amine acid, can furnish the energy that muscle place requires.

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