Diabetic food the world of cate of _ of 3 big errors

Diabetic food 3 big errors

2012-02-07 12:23:15

The first, sweetmeat cannot eat stoutly

Division Director Sun Yadong says endocrine of hospital of Jilin province people, often listen to a patient to say, got diabetic sweetmeat to also cannot eat again. This kind of argument is too actually implicit. If a kind of food rises candy too fast, be called to rise candy index on medicine too tall, for instance sugar cane sweet is tasted, such food has impact to blood sugar, do not suggest diabetic person eats commonly. But market can have seen the sweet food that makes technically for diabetic person now, cent of the candy in this kind of food is agent of a kind of sweet taste only, wait like xylose alcohol, its sweet degree be equivalent to sucrose 5 arrive sixfold, but it the first without energy, the 2nd blood sugar after eating rises slowly, do not have too big impact to blood sugar, it is safer that so diabetic person chooses this kind of sweet food. But also not be to say this kind of sweetmeat to be able to eat casually. Although xylose mellow food does not have energy, but it or a kind of carbohydrate, so diabetic person still must calculate the amount of food intake when eat, if be besides staple food gross additional Jiashangyi portion xylose mellow food, at that time gross exceeds bid, it is inevitable that blood sugar lifts. So diabetic person eats sweetmeat to must reduce staple food to measure accordingly. Insist to measure blood sugar at the same time, to eating hind blood sugar is elevatory and unidentified the provision that show, taste can safer.

The 2nd, diabetic person should eat cooked rice less to drink congee more

Professor Sun Yadong says, corn edibles is in human body digestive process, the course is masticatory, enter a stomach next in, digest become dextrin, dextrin becomes fructose, monose, disaccharide, be absorbed by human body finally. Accordingly, dextrin this kind of material is to have effect rising candy. Congee is being boiled in controlling a process, the dextrin in rice has been boiled to make come out, mix in congee fluid. Boil the practice of congee, compare original index rising candy actually slow food, the person rises candy to compare fast food to was machined. After diabetic person drinks congee, blood sugar can be in short-term inside rise quickly. This is why the cause that endocrine doctor does not promote a patient to drink congee. Qiu Dong is seasonal, northeast is drier, if patient of fructose make water wants to drink congee, the proposal adds a few legume and tall fiber corn in congee, when doing congee additionally, do not exert all his strength boil, basically ripe went.

The 3rd, diabetic person should eat pumpkin

Course experiment proves, pumpkin cannot achieve the goal that dominates blood sugar, the pumpkin with overweight sweet taste rises blood sugar possibly still. When so diabetic person eats pumpkin must eat bit of staple food less. Additional, hydrous fraction is large, cellulose is much, fraction of candy of cortical greenish pumpkin is relatively a few less.

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