Children crack period take the world of confiture _ cate less

Children crack period eat candied fruit less

2012-02-07 11:52:32

Be in grow the children of development period, as a result of the change of the hormone inside body, organ can be changed subsequently. Spend whole crack to make adolescent successful period, the life should have the law, want to assure necessary nutrition and enough sleep everyday, avoid the excitant food such as smoke, wine, chili, avoid the upper respiratory tract to affect among them enough nutrition, especially vitamin of protein, B a group of things with common features, calcic, it is development of film of muscle of larynx cartilage, vocal cords and scathing rehabilitate place is indispensible. Accordingly, the adolescent that is in crack period should eat some of meat more kind, egg kind, dairy produce and fresh vegetable, fruit. Do not eat the food of blast of acrimony, decoct, should not smoke more, drink.

Additional, the children of crack period is unfavorable also and overmuch the ground ” be close to ” confiture. The reason is a lot of products in confiture, be like smoked plum, olive, for excitant food, overfeeding goes against the elimination of oedema of vocal cords hyperaemia. And they are food of high in syrup, after be being fed, acidity environment is created in local meeting, weaken human body leucocyte greatly gobble up a function, make the opportunity that guttural ministry meet with has all sorts of infection increases, and the result of chronic inflammation is the growth that causes larynx harmony to take unusual. Next, the blood that has candy to be able to create whole human body more slants acerbity, those who bring about the element such as calcic, magnesium is many use up and the accumulation of the metabolization content such as acetone acid and lactic acid. Calcium participates in the formation of larynx cartilage annulus, the larynx cartilage that is short of calcic meeting to cause children is depauperate, affect pronunciation not only, it is difficult to still can cause breath. The metabolization content heighten such as acetone acid and lactic acid can make larynx harmonic the hemal endodermis of the belt connects the heighten that appear a gender, the component infiltration in plasma arrives in constituent clearance, make originally the larynx harmony with respect to bloodshot oedema takes an organization to become further ” massiness ” , pronunciation can produce an obstacle.

In the making process of confiture, still can use licorice modulation sometimes or mix have licorice root. Modern medicine considers to make clear, licorice has a cortin hormonal appearance action, right amount and short-term use can eliminate local phlogistic sex reaction, make the bloodshot oedema of vocal cords is reduced, but long-term excessive ground absorbs licorice, the side-effect of the cortin in licorice can be shown. Above all, of hormone stimulative protein decompose, restrain its to synthesize, use the bounce albumen that can make larynx harmony is taken for a long time to synthesize inadequacy, laryngeal is abate to the action propping up of vocal cords, the tenacity of vocal cords oneself also can drop. Next, hormone has the effect that makes water natrium retention, use the eduction that can make uric quantity reachs sodium for a long time to decrease, the sodium salt of body stockpile excessive and water branch cause hypertension and oedema. Again, use hormone for a long time to be able to make the immune function of human body abate, the monocyte that arrives at inflammation area focus of a disease decreases, antagonism of huge bite cell is secured formerly, gobble up and kill and wound ability abate, the formation of antibody also can be restrained. Accordingly, often eat the candied fruit that makes with licorice, also can make the local resistance of guttural ministry drops and occurrence infection, the inflammation of guttural ministry is sowed reach vocal cords to be in acute period can make its congest oedema, secretion grow in quantity, the phlogistic sexual excitement that relapses chronically can make vocal cords is added thick, appear even vocal cords brief summary, sound also can become grave further, hoarse.

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