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How should delicate Yuanxiao eat?

2012-02-07 12:37:26

The Spring Festival grows a holiday to pass, longing for 15 festival of lanternses. Right now 39 already passed, but warm suddenly cold still, people still requires heat preservation. The festival of lanterns eats stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup, besides the implied meaning festival reunion of group adding up to the home is round,

Whenever the festival of lanterns, namely the first month of the lunar year 15 be troubled by Yuanxiao, full of beautiful things in eyes of sundry Yuanxiao, stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup, New Year cake, how is knowing just, actually these Yuanxiao are it is main raw material with polished glutinous rice, common polished glutinous rice has white, violet dichromatic, their nutrition becomes dispenses rice essentially similar, in polished glutinous rice of every 100 grams about protein content 7 grams, carbohydrate content 75 grams, reach all sorts of vitamins. Make the Yuanxiao that differs into gust, stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup through treatment, burden, but the ground rice with far general outclass of its nutrition value.

People adds fruit vegetables juice respectively in ground rice again now (pumpkin juice, spinach juice, celery juice, tomato juice, pineapple juice… ) , will abound the nutriment in ground rice, meanwhile the breed that Yuanxiao stuffing expects is various, if jujube paste stuffing, hawkthorn stuffing, chocolate is stuffing, black and white stuffing of stuffing of sesame seed stuffing, rose stuffing, fruit makings stuffing, nut stuffing, sweetened bean taste, fruit juice, ham stuffing, fresh chopped meat is waited a moment, make a person dazzling. Sweet, burden abounds Yuanxiao taste delicacy, just thoroughly cook especially, take the advantage of heat to eat below wonderful.

How should delicate Yuanxiao eat?

Of our common Yuanxiao eat a law to have two kinds:

Saying arrives ” the first month of the lunar year, went out first 10 15… ” , the first month of the lunar year 15 festival of lanternses, every family eats Yuanxiao, it is to do Yuanxiao no matter (Shang Yuan) or outside buy, raw material of choose and buy and finished product want to pay attention to.

Yuanxiao of choose and buy wants to pay attention to

Be in above all choose and buy (or self-restrained) when Yuanxiao, different taste can choose a bit mixture edible, can satisfy taste requirement already so, meanwhile the can better nutrition part that makes raw material medium complements each other, ability increases the nutrient value of Yuanxiao effectively.

It is to want Yuanxiao to had better eat to be bought now now next (make) now, the rest Yuanxiao must be put save inside freezer, save time to still should not be too long.

Additional, yuanxiao choose and buy must fresh, the scarcely of bad colour wants edible of choose and buy (have additionally discuss) . Hint even the friend with concerned unusual blood sugar, see the Yuanxiao of sweet taste agent, but solved the luck to eat sth delicious,feel, delighted bright is worn, go against blood sugar stability actually so, you want very good consideration is not to did not have candy to go, still have the weight of ground rice, the carbohydrate of embedded food reachs stuffing heart grease, need continues to hold to the gross control of carbohydrate, want to know some sweet taste agents can increase blood to stick consistency with this, this is one disaster after another undoubtedly, want to assure have one’s head screwed on the right way so, had held ” degree ” more advisable.

How should delicate Yuanxiao eat?

Unfavorable the Yuanxiao that eats again

The reason is the reason that many microzyme contains in pink of polished glutinous rice. Show pink red microzyme bacterium colony, after it pollutes pink of polished glutinous rice, encounter proper humidity, temperature to breed in great quantities, the temperature that the optimal condition that according to determining red yeasty vaccine breeds is pink of polished glutinous rice is in 20 ℃ , water content is amounted to 40%- – 50% when, the amount of red yeast reachs certain amount in pink of polished glutinous rice, pink, Huang Heban can appear to nod when water boils Yuanxiao. Red yeasty amount is again much, show rufous.

Sweet clew:

Red yeast is divided outside can causing Yuanxiao to become angry, still can make pink of flour, rice, corn, beans, milk, fruit, flesh, pickle appear red change. The color of Yuanxiao changes, nutrient value is reduced greatly, lost original gust and mouthfeel, yuanxiao skin hair is good agglutinant and abate, carry tart flavor slightly, cause bromatoxism easily, unfavorable again edible.

Have a way one: Water is boiled

Boil with water for main way, slip and not be bored with, get comfortable crowd very wide, it may be said is old young all the path of appropriate. Nowadays people for health, added sweet-scented osmanthus of vegetable juice, candy, red rose to wait in water again, the nutriment in making water boils the soup juice of Yuanxiao is rich, taste is more beautiful.

Have a way 2: Deepfry

The slow fly into rage of small fire of classics of stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup that is flexible scale commonly. Although scamper Yuanxiao tastes more outstanding the distinctive local color with sweet delicacy, but more added oil absorb, of heat energy rise, more unfavorable much edible.

How should delicate Yuanxiao eat?

Best and tie-in what eats Yuanxiao?

Yuanxiao is with ropy polished glutinous rice place is made, plus compound stuffing makings, stodgier, eat just as well less. When suggesting to eat Yuanxiao hereby, should deserve to go up a few conduce to digestive food, wait like hawkthorn, big wort, dried tangerine or orange peel, unripe turnip. Mustard oil and crude fibre are contained in order to be born in the turnip especially, can promote peristalsis of intestines and stomach, can next disappear accumulating sluggish, gas are wide in, conduce to the trash inside body row

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