Clear bowel of 8 kinds of food, give cate of alvine path bathing _ the world

Clear bowel of 8 kinds of food, path giving bowel bathes

2018-06-29 15:57:50

We eat big fish big meat at ordinary times, hard to avoid can eat into much oil, and grease nots allow in alvine path accumulation easy eduction, bring about the body to appear all sorts of problems, blain grows on skin long spot, abdominal distension constipation, face… small make up the food that recommends 5 clear bowel to discharge oil for everybody, the intestines and stomach that lets you is clean.

1, spinach

One sort is contained in spinach leaf insulin appearance material, can make blood sugar keeps stable. The vitamin content with rich spinach can prevent quarrel the vitamin such as phlogistic, moon blindness lacks disease. Spinach still contains many antioxidant, have fight action of breed of anile, stimulative cell, can activation already brain function, can enhance green vigor again, prevent cerebrum ageing.

2, agaric

Agaric has the effect with filling gas invigorate the circulation of blood, cool moist blood. The plant in black agaric is colloid have stronger absorption affinity, can be remain outside the body of foreign matter eduction inside human body digestion, have the effect of bowel of clear stomach cleanse. Black agaric is right inside body hard bits of broken bits of digestive chaff, wood, sand, metal have deliquescent effect, wait to also have to gall-stone, kidney stone dissolve a function.

Bullion spinach

Patulous read: The edible encyclopedia of spinach

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