Pregnant predecessor body recuperates the world of cate of little detail _

Pregnant predecessor body recuperates little detail

2012-02-07 13:43:26

Be pregnant is a discreet and happy thing, metropolis in a planned way has general husband and wife plan ground undertakes. The recuperation before the female’s pregnant is the most important preparation before be pregnant, include food, daily life, campaign, nurse the adjustment that waits for each respect, the time that pregnancy recuperates needs 3-6 commonly month, because of the female that this plan is pregnant, before be pregnant half an year begins to be about a series of body recuperation.

Pregnant predecessor body recuperates little detail

1, the fried dish still is short of iodine with the salt that add iodine

What when our home stir-fries, use is the salt that add iodine, why can still you be short of iodine? A lot of females raised this doubt.

Once the female is pregnant, be short of iodine very easily, investigation shows, spend the pregnant woman that lacks iodine gently to have 30% , 5% spend again be short of iodine, and spend again be short of iodine to be able to cause miscarriage. So, filling iodine from before be pregnant, be about to begin.

Although everybody stir-fries,be the salt that use iodine, feel OK to fill iodic, but be used to when a lot of people iodic salt is put in fried dish process. This kind of practice brings about iodine very easily to volatilize, look be like filled iodic, actually is short of iodine. Right way is: Fry in dish ripe hind put iodic salt again, such iodine won’t volatilize. Also can eat some of sea product filling iodine more at ordinary times.

2, still love to eat what to eat on food

The half an year before pregnant begins, the female should begin mouth of Buddhist monastic discipline, cannot love to eat what to eat. Abandon if give birth to slices of fish meat, unripe oyster to wait,eating aquatic product raw (the aquatic content) of testacean, the bacterium in these aquatic product and harmful microbial can bring about abort or stillborn foetus, and microbial the imagination that often exceeds us in the time that lives inside human body.

In the meantime, abandon the chaffy dish that the female dotes on, barbecue. Possible parasitism is worn inside the body because of most ox, sheep arched bug, but people can not see with naked eye. When if be in,having chaffy dish, the in a way in just putting fresh and tender sliced meat to soup is ironed take food namely, this kind heat momently and cannot kill parasitism the egg of arched bug bug inside cutlet cell, larva can cross alvine wall to diffuse along with blood to the whole body.

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