The baby that considers to discover breast having a parent loves to cry more _ cate the world

Research discovers the baby of breast having a parent loves to cry more

2015-02-13 10:11:11

Guide language: Whether does the child love to cry to be concerned with feed means? According to the BBC (BBC) report, a new research discovers, the child of breast having a parent loves to cry more is normal phenomenon. Young mother are done not have necessary for this anxiety-ridden.

This new research is studied by British medicine the group of a research of committee is finished. In research, the scientist makes 300 new mother right darling ” disposition ” had description and opinion, investigating these children is to eat to the mother breeds or eat infantile recipe powdered milk. Findings shows, feed of milk of 137 babies pure mother, 88 babies eat infantile recipe powdered milk only. Milk of 91 babies mother mixes the others feed of milk powder collocation. The infantile disposition of feed of pure mother milk ” have challenge sex more ” , cry be troubled by more.

Researcher expresses, baby ” irritable ” pure belong to natural phenomenon, although eat the child of recipe milk powder to appear to be satisfied more easily, pacify more easily also, but mother milk feed still is optimal choice. Experts express, for the health of child lifetime, hope broad and young father and mother chooses mother milk feed as far as possible.


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