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Maigre cookbook presents full marks confinement publicly

2016-10-08 17:28:04

After laborring, it is the woman’s most crucial confinement period. And postpartum into fill, it is the grand opera of confinement. In traditional idea, enter filling is big fish big meat, swear of a firm of gas blood firm that uses up when childbirth fill come back. So, how does maigre new mother do?

One, lotus lotus root


Qing Dynasty fries lotus lotus root

Contain in lotus lotus root many starch, vitamin and mineral, nutrition is rich, delicate tastily, it is dispel silt gives birth to drug of new beautiful greens fine, can be good at lienal beneficial stomach, embellish impetuous raises shade, travel blood changes silt, clear heat gives birth to breast. The puerpera takes lotus lotus root more, can as soon as possible is cleared the gore of the stockpile inside the abdomen, stomachic, help aid digestion, make lactescence, conduce to pair of new students feed.

Recommend recipe: Qing Dynasty fries lotus lotus root

Material: 250g of lotus lotus root, black agaric 20g, carrot 80g, powder of oily, salt, garlic, caraway each are right amount.


1, flake is ripped to reserve after black agaric bubble is sent. Lotus lotus root and carrot go piece, next section reserves.

2, the boiler that heat up oil, end issueing garlic and black agaric explode sweet.

3, fry divide evenly together into carrot and lotus lotus root, lest paper boiler,a bit water can be added during.

4, turn when lotus lotus root salt can be joined to flavor after color, the caraway below finally can.

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