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Is the navel of darling raised how to do?

2016-10-17 10:10:00

Darling navel is raised, umbilical hernia is called on medicine. Cough when darling, cry be troubled by make when heighten of celiac internal pressure, umbilical ministry has outstanding globose or the bump of hemisphere form. Because celiac wall muscle and tendinous film are in,this bump is the congenital development blemish that umbilical ministry leaves, make the organization such as peritonaeum is highlighted outwards from umbilical annulus and formation hernia. If use a hand to be pressed gently gently,can let it return abdominal cavity, still can hear at the same time ” murmur ” noise. Hernia of general child hilum can cicatrization naturally inside 1 one full year of life mostly, but if be short of caustic mouth to be more than 1 centimeter, the child’s age is in again 6 months above, with respect to the heal that should adopt a few simple and easy measure to quicken umbilical hernia in the home.

1.  With coin (the line on preexistence skin a soft cloth) or convex impaction navel secures half ping-pong, make navel is highlighted no longer, can quicken its heal.

2.  Be cut two 4 centimeters wide adhesive plaster into pull pull adhesive plaster, in the two side of one aspect of the matter of an adhesive plaster each are cut go 1/3, make it crosses the hole that has cut on another adhesive plaster. Before stickup adhesive plaster, the besmear on preexistence skin a few benzoic acerbity Ding in order to protect the skin, stick adhesive plaster in umbilical both sides again, pull two adhesive plaster next clingy prison, half month is changed. The end that such doing is to make umbilical following defect, make the mouth is short of caustic of umbilical hernia closes together, in order to facilitate hilum cicatrizations hernially. This kind of method is in 3 to be able to get effective or so months commonly.

If used hernia of hilum of these two kinds of methods to still do not see,improve, should come through the operation Jiao Zhi.

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