Darling of conduce of 10 big food raises the world of cate of immune force _

Darling of conduce of 10 big food enhances immune power

2016-11-10 16:53:14

1, best staple food: Whole wheat food

The battalion nurturance that whole wheat food contains iron, vitamin, magnesian, zinc and crude fibre element to wait for a variety of darling place to need is divided. In western country, whole wheat flour is called the best staple food raw material, a lot of families the staple food that bakes whole wheat bread to serve as darling, if above wipe cheese of appropriative of a few darling, nutrition is richer. Although the dietary habit of each country is different, but nutrition does not have national boundaries. We can mix coarse food grain and flour the staple food that make (for instance) of steamed sponge cake, can bring rich nutrition to darling likewise.

Give captious little boy: Make a lovely sandwich with chocolate sauce and whole wheat bread, place model of an original beetle again, when his interest is attracted by lovely modelling, won’t care about how is biscuit white.

2, best fruit: Yangtao

Yangtao is called golden mine of nutrition, it contains rich vitamin C, according to the analysis, the vitamin C content of pulp of yangtao of every 100 grams is 100~420 milligram, can says the fruit is medium ” the king of Vc ” , in addition, it still is contained richer protein, candy, adipose wait with calcic, phosphor, iron mineral, and the prandial fiber that it contains fights oxidation material with what abound, can remove clear heat to fall the action with fire, aperient moisten the respiratory tract. But want to notice, the part that seed takes among yangtao does not give darling to eat more as far as possible, because this part is digested not easily.

Give captious little boy: If darling does not like to eat unripe yangtao, still can do it fruit juice, or yangtao sauce, the effect is euqally good.

3, best vegetable: Spinach

The main nutrition part that spinach supplies for darling is vitamin A and folic acid, still have C of a few vitamins and iron additionally. Because it does not have miscellaneous flavour, darling likes to eat very much normally. And the use of spinach is very much, you can regard the adornment of dish of edge as it, also can be above it put a few ketchup, in the sandwich that still can replace lettuce to be put in darling with it. But want to remember, cannot eat it and bean curd together, can affect calcic absorption otherwise.

Give captious little boy: Letting darling eat vegetable is the thing that mom headaches quite all the time, if you are floriferous,nod idea, do meal of a original vegetable, for instance department of birthday of a spinach, spinach mixes meal, darling will never think of this already interesting delicious thing is spinach make it so.

4, best breakfast: Cereal

The darling cereal breakfast that although be bought from the supermarket,comes, as much special health. Contain inside it a variety of vitamins and mineral. But, want to choose darling appropriative when buy, contain salt low. The millet congee that him home makes, samp also has nutrition very much. Those who need an attention is, when needing a cereal breakfast to cooperate milk to eat together, the option of milk is very important, the darling of 2 years old of less than had better not use defatted milk, the darling of 1 year old of less than had better breed with the mother or the recipe is suckled.

Give captious little boy: Breakfast is very important to darling. Do interesting breakfast darling to be able to like for certain, a banana as person of low position (contain rich potassium) , a cup of milk (contain rich calcium) drop cereal breakfast again above, place into an interesting modelling.

5, best snack: Wrap around Sa

Compare with other snack food photographs, wrap around protein mixed in Sa (cheese) , candy cent and vegetable (tomato is fourth) wait for a variety of nutrition, suit darling edible more, and do very simple, it want to be baked in oven a few minutes only is OK to want to be baked in oven a few minutes only.

Give captious little boy: Which darling does not like to wrap around Sa? The most situation that you encounter is, darling can ask you give him again ceaselessly. Those who need an attention is to do wrap around Sa or it is to buy wrap around when Sa, should choose vegetable as far as possible more.

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