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What does children myopia eat hidebound how to do

2016-11-01 16:16:36

Besides with the eye undesirable outside, hidebound also be one of causes that cause children myopia. So, it what children myopia eats is good that what children myopia eats? Small make up recommend recipe of two big nutrition, special happen at preventing myopia. Also should remind father mother in addition, science and technology develops now, the child enters an error extremely easily with the eye, because this is in the life,want to notice than be being added more before.

Hidebound also can bring about children myopia

The expert points out, actually, the occurrence of cheeper myopia is returned with hidebound about. Children period is the crucial phase of eye development, calcium and chromium cannot lack, can appear otherwise myopic.

The formation of calcium and eyeball is concerned, absorb inadequacy to be able to make sclerotic and unisexual drop, force of crystal internal pressure rises, eyeball around diameter spins and bring about myopia. Chromium is the complementary factor of a kind of important hormonal insulin inside body, if lack an insulin active to drop, to the adjustment that candy metabolizes ability drops, cause the candy that takes cent cannot metabolize normally and retention in blood, force the diopter change of the eye, form myopia finally.

Expert proposal, parent friend should give the child compensatory and enough calcium, phosphor and vitamin A, B2, B1, C, eat sweetmeat; compensatory protein, calcium less phosphor is qualitative, qualitative, answer to eat vegetable and the fruit such as carrot, tomato, bean sprouts, orange, grape, red jujube more, beneficial to preventing myopia.

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