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Inchoate cookbook recommends pregnant mammy pregnant

2016-11-16 13:35:47

The health of darling and the food that permit mother have close relationship, accurate mom is in pregnant is inchoate often react because of pregnant and the influence takes food, the nutrition that although say pregnant is inchoate and fetal,needs is very few still, but also may affect achieve fetal growth, so, in pregnant inchoate accurate mom also should absorb enough nutrition as far as possible. These cookbook are the most appropriate accurate mom raises an embryo under, alleviate vomiting during pregnancy, the cookbook of compensatory nutrition.

Pregnancy raises fetal cookbook: American ginseng stews chicken broth

[material] drumstick 4, American ginseng 20 grams, medlar is 20 grams, red jujube 6

[flavoring] saline a few

[curative effect] medlar raises blood bright eye, american ginseng enhances filling energy of life, red jujube has stimulative mother and fetal skin beauty’s white effect.


1. boils Chinese traditional medicine first soup. American ginseng, medlar, will red jujube is put into half boiler water to boil

10 minutes, infusion gives Chinese traditional medicine Shang Lai.

2. drumstick is abluent in putting another bowl, enter Chinese traditional medicine next soup, soup must have done not have Chinese traditional medicine material.

3. puts chicken broth bowl into electric rice cooker, press switch begins to stew boil.

A few salt is put to flavor before the boiler since 4. can.


Juice of soup of 1. Chinese traditional medicine is unfavorable infusion is too long, lest herbal medicines in a prescription is too strong, soup juice becomes agonized, also can boil red jujube at the same time too sodden.

The warm aroma with 2. Chinese traditional medicine and natural and special chicken, suit to be pregnant particularly earlier 1-3 filling embryo uses the pregnant woman with month, frail constitution.

3. likes chicken softer sodden person, when start of electric rice cooker, can press again switch.

Pregnant is inchoate alleviate vomiting during pregnancy arouses cookbook of pregnant Mom appetitive

Pregnant is inchoate, accurate mom can react because of a few early pregnant and affect normal food, such health to Mu Ying are very adverse, choose so a few can arousing cookbook of accurate mom appetitive can be very important.

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