Mist haze day changes the world of menu _ cate to the child

Mist haze day changes menu to the child

2016-12-21 16:26:42

Mist haze day, besides had done defend outside the job, to increase the strength of darling, make darling seasonable the mist haze toxin with inspiratory eduction, mom should make darling much eat these food:

1, eat the food that contains a lot ofa vitamin more

The vitamin has make sure respiratory tract avoids the effect that suffers infection, if vitamin A has the effect with epithelial protection, if lack a meeting to make the function of skin and immune globulin on respiratory tract is damaged, cause respiratory tract infection easily. Accordingly, in mist haze weather, mom should make darling much eat the food that contains a lot ofa vitamin, if all sorts of fresh fruits such as Xue Li are vegetable,all be the first selection of compensatory vitamin.

2, food of much lung taking profit

Embellish lung food can be seasonable the toxin with eduction inspiratory lung, maintain lung, sponsorial body lung is healthy. Good embellish lung food has arhat fruit, arhat fruit tea can treat the pharynx ministry Sao that inspiratory and foul air causes mist day to itch in case, have the favorable effect of embellish lung. It is better to drink the effect afternoon especially. The clear lung food with other good result has agaric, tremella, lotus seed, lily to wait, winter edible these food, have clear lung, embellish lung and the effect that raise lung.


Rock candy of tendril-leaved fritillary bulb stews Xue Li

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