Food enrichs the blood the world of cate of _ of 6 kinds of cate

Food enrichs the blood 6 kinds of cate

2012-02-07 14:08:34

A lot of anaemic pregnant woman often buy advanced cordial at any cost ” fill ” blood, but expert of department of gynaecology and obstetrics reminds us: Anaemia is not very serious pregnant woman had better be fed fill, there is what a lot of convenientlies can get to enrich the blood in the life food oh!

Enrich the blood the carotene that food pledges with containing iron is optimal, some people think to often eat greengrocery to just can become anaemia. The expert points out this is wrong idea, vegetal food, not only contain iron to pledge, carotene etc nutrient, still have digest absorption advantage easily.

Food enrichs the blood economy substantial

Day lily

Day lily contains iron the amount is the largest, more familiar than everybody spinach is 20 times taller, still contain dimension element A, B1, C, the nutriment such as protein has diuresis and effect of be good at stomach.

Food enrichs the blood economy substantial

Longan flesh

Longan flesh is longan flesh, because what contain Tie Zhifeng rich and still contain vitamin A, B, dextrose, cane sugar to wait, can treat forgetful, heart-throb, neurasthenic wait for disease, it is very good that pregnant woman and puerpera eat and so on of wine of glue of longan soup, longan, longan enrich the blood food.

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